mercredi, septembre 28

Battlefield 5 : Reversal of the new weapon balance (TTK) and hardcore mode


It was a subject of frustration for the Battlefield 5 community for a good week, the change in weapon balance otherwise called TTK for Time To Kill (understand by that, the time to kill one opposant) that Dice teams had deemed necessary to better integrate the new players. The developers thought that the newcomers had a disadvantage over the regulars, which would have tended to discourage them from extending their gaming experience on Battlefield.

To compensate for this new balance, Dice’s teams suggested to fans that they add a hardcore mode to Battlefield 5 with the old TTK or the veterans of the game should have met. For the record, the game’s new TTK required an extra bullet in the gun magazine to kill a player. At least in general terms, because it was in fact the whole style of play that was involved, altering the nervousness and speed of the encounters at the same time. 

However, in the face of general disappointment, the developers of Battlefield 5 are backing out and announcing the deployment of a new patch on this day to restore the old weapon balance (TTK) to bring joy to an entire community.

If you were already thinking of running away from the Battlefield 5 servers, ALL WILL BE OK, the old TTK is back now !


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