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Guide Kingdom Come Deliverance how to get the sword of Queen Sheba’s (sword pieces location)


During your visit to Sasau, stop at the local blacksmith’s house and ask him if he needs help. He tell you a strange story about a holy man come on Sasau who had all the sword pieces of Queen Sheba’s. Unfortunately for you, the weaponsmith will tell you that this famous « merchant » no longer possesses the fragments of the sword of Sheba and that he sold them to other blacksmiths of the region.

Better yet, it will teach you that Rattay’s blacksmith has the biggest  pieces ! One chance for you, accept this quest to begin gathering the pieces of the sword ! To help you get them, we have gathered on this page the position of all the pieces that will allow you to get the magnificent sword of Queen Sheba in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

→ The objective of the quest :

Collect together the five pieces of the Queen of Sheba’s sword and bring them to the swordsmith in Sasau.

How to obtain the sword piece of Sheba from Rattay’s blacksmith :

As Sasau’s weaponsmith told you before, there is a good chance that Rattay’s blacksmith will refuse to sell this piece or make a fair trade… And that’s what will happen ! When you talk to Rattay’s blacksmith, he refuse when you talk about the pieces of Queen Sheba’s sword.

It’s okay, we’ll steal from him ! So, close all the doors at home to hide your sounds and go upstairs from the lobby. Upstairs, you will find a lockpick chest. This treasure chest has an easy lockpicking level, use a lockpick and open this chest to get your first piece of Sheba the sword.

If you find it’s hard to open the treasure chest, wait until the blacksmith is asleep at night and control him in his sleep to steal his keys that will allow you to open all the chests at home.


Obtaining the second sword piece from the blacksmith of Ledetchko :

This piece will not be difficult to obtain, go see the blacksmith of Ledetchko (in the town south) and tell him about the history of the pieces of the sword of Queen Sheba. He will be happy to listen to you and even sell you the piece he has in his possession  ! You can try to negotiate with him if you have low Groschen, but he should probably leave you the piece for 180 or 185 groschen.


Where’s the third piece of Sheba’s Sword ? On a barrel !

This one won’t be easy to find. You will not have to see a blacksmith, but you will have to sneak into a house by lockpicking the door and search inside to find the sword piece of Queen Sheba that is simply placed on a barrel. You will find this house on the borders of Talmberg Castle in village houses where the Cross of Atonement is located. Be careful not to get detected by picking the lock door (see the map on the screenshot to find the house).


Obtain the fourth sword piece of Sheba from the blacksmith of the monastery :

Go to the blacksmith at the forge before the monastery, and tell him about the pieces. You will learn that he owns one, but unfortunately for you he is very attached to it and considers it to be a real good luck charm, he will refuse to sell it to you.  You’ll have no othe choice, choose… Stun or kill that poor blacksmith ! Wait for his assistant to leave the place, sneak behind him and control him to make him fall to the ground. Then search on the body to find the fourth piece of Sheba you are looking for.


How to get the last piece of Sheba’s sword in Kingdom Come Deliverance :

To get the last sword piece of Queen Sheba, you will need to find a man named Pickman. And for him to reveal to you that he possesses a fragment of the sword, you must have begun the side quest « Aquarius » which consists of finding candidates to work with Rattay’s Bailiff. If you offer the job of carrying water to Pickman, he will agree to give you in exchange the last piece of the sword of Sheba.

Go back to him the next day so he can give you your reward. You will find him carrying buckets of water and making the paths between the water container inside the village of Rattay and the outside.

Assemble the sword of Sheba in Kingdom Come Deliverance :

Once you have recovered all the pieces of the sword of Sheba, return to the blacksmith of Sasau and show him the fragments. He’ll ask you to wait a little while he reforges the sword. Go back to him the next day around 10am and he’ll agree to sell you the sword.

In the description of the weapon, we can see that the legendary long sword of the Queen of Sheba was reforged in 1403 by the Sasau blacksmith. Note that he will sell you the gun for 2234 groschen.


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