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Astral Chain also available on PS4, PC and Xbox One ?


One thing is certain, Astral Chain the new action game developed by the PlatinumGames teams will arrive on Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019. The game has all the potential to be remarked when you know that it is under the supervision of Hideki Kamiya (Devil May Cry / Bayonetta) and that Takahisa Taura (Nier Automata) is the director. 

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch at home, the question you’re probably asking yourself is whether there’s any hope that the game will land on anything other than Nintendo’s hybrid system, such as PS4, PC or even Xbox One? If you have heard of Astral Chain and are interested in the game, we will explain what you need to know about it.

Can Astral Chain be released on PS4, PC or Xbox One?

You know how the terms of an exclusivity work… Sometimes it’s temporary like the Square-Enix RPG « Octopath Traveler » which was a temporary Switch exclusivity and finally arrived on PC a year later. As for Astral Chain, it is especially important to talk about permanent exclusivity since it was Nintendo that placed this order with PlatinumGames. 

As a result, Astral Chain will only be released on Nintendo Switch and will never be released on other media such as PS4, PC or even Xbox One. Astral Chain is therefore only scheduled to be available on Nintendo Switch from August 30, 2019. Maybe it’s time for you to take the initiative and get the latest Nintendo system if you’re really interested in Astral Chain? 


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