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Guide Astral Chain how to change the voices of the game in Japanese


Astral Chain is the new action-adventure game developed by the talented Platinum Games team and released for Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019. In this game, the law is you and you will have to fight alien creatures coming from another dimension who have invaded the planet. You are part of the « Neuron », a special intervention force that helps the local population and protects the city from the chimeras that try to spread corruption. 

In this fight, you can rely on your service weapon which can take different forms from baton to pistol to sword. But above all, you have the possibility to invoke powerful living weapons, « legions » that fight alongside you and can unleash powerful attacks, but also to allow you to implement certain strategies according to the situations that arise to you.

You’re probably thinking it’s all great, but is there any way to put Astral Chain with Japanese voices ? The answer is yes, you can! We explain how you can change the US voices to Japanese dubbing in Astral Chain.

Astral Chain how to change US voices and replace them with Japanese dubbing :

When you turn on the game for the first time, you will not have access to the title screen or even the game settings. As a result, you will not be able to play with Japanese dubbing immediately. Astral Chain will launch by default with English voices. Nevertheless, you will have the possibility to change as soon as you have finished the first chapter (prologue). This time you will be able to make the changes from the title screen by selecting the correct option in the settings.


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