Apex Legends how the experience point (XP) system works and what is the maximum level ?


Like many games of the same genre, Apex Legends offers a classic experience point system that allows players to increase their level as they play. The more effective you are in the field, the more likely you are to win large amounts of XP points. By playing a good match, you can get at least 6000 XP points. 

You will find below the list of the different criteria that allow you to increase the number of XP points earned after a match. You will see that there is a lot of data that comes into consideration… It will allow you to see more clearly how the Apex Legends XP system works. Note that below, you will be able to know the maximum level of the game and what happens after you reach it.

  • Won Match (you get 900 XP points)
  • Survival time (1000 points every 5 minutes of play)
  • Kills (50 points of XP per kills)
  • Damage Done (100 XP for every 500 damage points)
  • Revive Ally (25 XP points per revive)
  • Respawn Ally (200 experience points per ally)
  • 1st kill of the day (you earn 500 XP points / reset every 24 hours)
  • Killed Champion (+500 XP points)
  • Kill leader (+50 XP points)
  • Playing with friends (5% more XP points)

Be careful, if you leave your squad before the end of the match, you will not gain experience points. All your squad must have failed or won during the current match to get your experience point gains.

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What is the maximum level / rank in Apex Legends ?

At the end of each Apex Legends match, you earn experience points that are distributed according to your skills as described above. Every time you collect a certain amount of experience points, then you earn a level / grade of player which allows you to accumulate legend tokens in addition to winning Apex cosmetic packs. Know that there is a maximum rank in the game, the maximum you can reach is level 100. After reaching this rank, you will still earn experience points, but you cannot go beyond level 100, but by accumulating a certain amount of experience points after reaching the maximum level/grade of Apex Legends, you can earn additional legends tokens.


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