Fortnite season 4 how to get the Omega outfit and unlock the 100 tier challenge


If you are currently playing in Season 4 of Fortnite which features super heroes and the famous meteorite that has made a lot of headlines in recent weeks, chances are you have also heard about the beautiful Omega skin to unlock in the game. 

If you are looking for information for this ultimate award of Season 4, this page is dedicated to Skin. How to get it, how to upgrade the outfit to its final version, etc..

How to unlock Fortnite’s Omega outfit :

To get the Omega outfit, you’ll have to play many hours since this is the ultimate reward for the battle pass. You will need to have reached tier 100 in season 4 of Fortnite to get your Omega skin.

To reach this level, you will need to increase your player rank, but also complete weekly challenges to earn additional battle stars. It will take you about 150 hours to get Omega. In addition, the richest players will be able to use V-Bucks to progress faster to level 100.

Fortnite Season 4 – How to have the ultimate form of the Omega skin :

This is one of the new features of season 4, the skins you unlock can evolve as you complete challenges. Turning your characters into awesome superheroes. This is especially the case for the Omega outfit, which will evolve once you have managed to increase your player rank to level 80 during season 4.

You will then be entitled to a much more impressive outfit than the classic Omega reminiscent of the Genji of Overwatch. You know what you still have to do if you want to get Omega, remember though that these Super Hero outfits can only be unlocked when you have previously purchased the Battle Pass with V-Bucks.


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