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Cross-play on Apex Legends how to play between PC, PS4 and XBox One players ?


Apex Legends has been available for a few days and players are already wondering if there is a possibility to play cross-play on the game, i.e. to play with players from another platform… PC, PS4 and Xbox One players on the same servers. We can answer this legitimate question when we see that video games are opening up more and more to this kind of process… The EA and Respawn teams anticipated the demand and specified this point in the game’s FAQ.

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Is it possible to play Apex Legends between PC, PS4 and XBox One players ?

The answer will disappoint you, but it’s not possible right now… So it means that there is no cross platform function and you won’t be able to play with other players who are on a different platform from yours. But beware, it’s not to be set in stone. Because even if the game teams indicate that Apex Legends does not support cross-platform gaming at the moment, they do not exclude adding this new feature with future game updates. Everything will certainly depend on its success (10 million players already!) in the long term and on the demand of fans.


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