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How to link your Epic Games account to YouTube for Fortnite drops rewards


Exclusive Fortnite rewards to earn by linking your Epic Games account to your YouTube account. In this mini tutorial, we explain how to proceed. The manipulation will only take you a few minutes and will allow you to win rewards for Fortnite that you couldn’t get just by playing the game.

☆ Note – If you want to know what rewards you can get with Fortnite Youtube Drops, we invite you to visit the following page. You will also find the dates of the events that will make you win cosmetics items for Fortnite : YouTube Drops Fortnite how to win rewards for watching competitions / events.

What do you need to do to link your Epic Games account to your YouTube account ?

Remember that after linking your two accounts, you will need to watch at least 20 minutes of a Fortnite event on the official game channel to start winning rewards that will be automatically added to your Epic Games account.

  • Go to YouTube and log in to your account.
  • Then select « Settings » in your account.
  • Go to « Connected Accounts » and choose to add an Epic Games account.
  • Now click on the « CONNECT ACCOUNTS » option.
  • Log in to your Epic Games account.
  • Your two YouTube and Epic Games accounts will be linked.

All you have to do is enjoy Youtube Drops and collect rewards for Fortnite without having to spend V-Bucks.


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