jeudi, février 9

Luigi’s Mansion 3 official release date of the game on Nintendo Switch


Awaited by many players around the world since its announcement in September 2018, Luigi’s Mansion 3 finally has an official release date. So when we say « official », it’s not just the sound of corridors, since this date was confirmed by Nintendo’s teams through a press release. 

Thus, we can tell you that Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be released on the market in physical version and dematerialize it on the Nintendo Switch eShop from October 31, 2019. The third opus will be a continuation of the first two episodes and will be developed again by the « Next Level Games » studio. Luigi thought he would spend a peaceful holiday in a hotel with his companions, he will finally have to deal with King Boo, which will force him to take out his Ectoblast to chase away ghosts, always with the assistance of Professor K. Tastroff. 

Luigi will have to face his greatest fears to rescue these companions in gloomy places on October 31, 2019, the date on which we will be in the middle of Halloween, which coincides well with the theme of the game. A rather surprising and rare thing in the video game industry, Luigi’s Mansion 3 will not be released on a Friday, but on a Thursday.


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