vendredi, décembre 9

Will there be DLCs or a Season Pass in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (version 2019)?


It’s no a secret… Every time a new Call of Duty game is released, you get a Season Pass in anticipation of upcoming new content, so you have to go back to the checkout. However, this time things could well change. Indeed, we have recently learned that the next game in the Call of Duty license will be a reinterpretation of the Modern Warfare series.

Scheduled for the end of 2019, Activision (the publisher) and Infinity Ward (the developers) announced that the game « Call of Duty Modern Warfare » would not have a Season Pass. 

No Season Pass or paid content, but a follow-up of the game:

Be careful, this does not mean that there will not be a follow-up on the software after its launch. Indeed, they also specified that content and new events will appear on the game throughout the year as was the case in the previous titles of the Call of Duty franchise, except that this time, all this content will be free. 

No paid Dlc(s) and no Season Pass for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This is something to smile at for anyone who is interested in this reinterpretation of the Modern Warfare license! This time, the community will not be divided because of additional content.


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