jeudi, décembre 8

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is it possible to play Crossplay between console and PC players


The crossplay function is increasingly requested by console and PC players who no longer want to be on separate servers. While some publishers / developers have managed to bring all the players together to form a single community, others are still struggling with negotiations with the main constructors to offer crossplay in all its forms. 

However, things seem to be moving in the right direction, and it is not the Infinity Ward teams that are contradicting us! They confirmed that « Call of Duty Modern Warfare » will offer crossplay game features that allow you to form a single community by mixing console players (PS4, Xbox One) and PC players together.

For those who may be concerned about the advantage that PC players have by using a keyboard and mouse on this type of game, it should be noted that the PC cross-platform can only be activated if the user agrees to play with a controller. Without this, cross-platform with console players will not be possible.


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