Wiki The Division 2 how to regain health points (heal your health and armor points)


The life of a Division agent is not always easy… Hyenas on the four corners of the city’s streets, outcasts and heavy-armored enemies who do not give the agents a moment’s rest. It is difficult in these conditions to survive, especially when you don’t know how to heal yourself !

If you don’t know how the health system of the new Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 works, you’re just in time! We will tell you everything you need to know about this subject here. After reading this page, you will know how you can regain health points in the field and how you can quickly regain armor points.

How to heal yourself in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 :

First of all, know that when you are no longer in a conflict situation (no longer in combat), your life points and armor automatically go up to their maximum level… The radar at the top left is no longer red when you are no longer in a conflict situation. In addition, when your character gains a level, his life points and armor are fully restored. But these are not the only ways to heal yourself in the Massive Entertainment / Ubisoft game.

When you are in combat and your health does not automatically regenerate you can use armor kits. Regardless of your level or armor level, the protection kits will always allow you to recover all your armor points. Simply press the button corresponding to your support (often the D-pad if you are on a console) to use a protection kit. After a small animation and a loading bar, you will find all your armor points.

Finding protection kits is quite simple. When you kill an enemy, it is possible that a kit may appear in its location. Similarly, you can recover some by opening boxes of ammunition. If you go to see the quartermaster at the White House, you can use SHD techno points to get bonuses. Some bonuses will be very useful to you, especially the one called « Restock 1: Armor Kits » which gives you back all your protection kits when you open a box of ammunition. 

The perk « Armor Kit » will also be very useful since by unlocking the three levels of this passive skill you can carry with you up to 6 protection kits. This should greatly facilitate your progress in the various primary and secondary missions of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

Note that some skill platforms also allow you to heal yourself and your allies in the field. This is the case with the « The Hive » skill platform, which deploys mini drones to repair the protection of allies, or the chemical launcher, which also offers recovery options for Division characters. Feel free to drop by the White House quartermaster to get the right skills and passive bonuses that will allow you to better manage your life and armor points in The Division 2.

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