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Wiki Kingdom Hearts 3 what is the maximum level of the characters and the Gummi ship


Like any good Action-Rpg game, Kingdom Hearts 3 offers a « classic » experience system points that is obtained simply by defeating the various enemies of the game, allowing players to raise the level of the main character they control (Sora) and its allies (Donald, Goofy, etc.) and thus, to increase in power.

This process of increasing the level is essential to be able to overcome certain challenges of the game. If you are on this page, it is because you are looking to know what the maximum level of the Kingdom Hearts 3 characters, and the Gummi ship, is. Because yes, beyond the progression of the main characters, KH3 also offers to live a space adventure where it is possible to raise the Level of the acquired ships.

What is the maximum level of the characters ? 

The max level in Kingdom Hearts 3 is simply 99 like many Japanese productions, and when you reach this level in the game you will unlock a trophy / achievement « Leveled Out » that requires you to raise Sora to level 99. Of course, the same is true for Goofy, Donald and the other allies who join the group during the adventure, they can all progress up to level 99.

What is the maximum level of the Gummi ships ?

Raising the level of the Gummi ships allows you to unlock more skill points to assign to the created / obtained ships in addition to increasing the maximum limit of the blocks that can be installed on your devices. Like the characters in the game, you can take your Gummi ships up to Level 99. The difference is that you don’t have to fight to get experience points in this game. You can explore the different galactic spaces you will travel through and collect the orange spheres to quickly improve your spaceships.

Be careful, if you are not very far in the journey, we advise you not to see the next point that could spoil the surprise. In addition to the main characters and the Gummi ship, there is another element of the game that can gain levels. Be careful little Spoil….

What is the maximum level of the Leviathan :

Once you have made enough progress in the adventure and reached the world of Caribbean pirates (Jack Sparrow), you will control your own warship, the Leviathan. You can raise its levels by collecting small white crabs. These crabs hide in barrels, chests, above trees, in the water and in many other places. The maximum Leviathan level in Kingdom Hearts 3 is up to 9. When your ship has reached level 9, you will be rewarded with the Black Pearl you can choose from the docks of the Port Royal.


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