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Guide Fortnite battle pass challenge week 2 – Dance in different forbidden locations


Fortnite battle pass Week 2 offers players a list of new challenges. If we had previously talked about the challenge of Wailing Woods, today we will look at the one who is asking to dance in different forbidden places.

You will find on this page a map of Fortnite with the 5 locations you will have to visit for dance once you are there. Each time you will find a sign with a ban on dancing. All you have to do is do any dance while standing in front of an anti-dance sign so that it is counted as valid on your battle pass. Note that you must dance, so don’t throw the emotes / stickers they won’t be counted as valid !

Before seeing the map, we remind you that you can also check out our little trick to easily fulfill the challenge of opening 7 chests at Wailing Woods. You can read the tip at this address :

Fornite Battle Royale how to complete the challenge of searching the 7 chests in Wailing Woods

Fortnite battle pass challenge – the list of the different forbidden places where you have to dance :


If you need more information :

→ The first one is in the prison yard on the basketball court. The sign is against the prison wall.

→ The second panel is above Junk Junction where the metal llama is located. You will see the sign next to a stack of wooden pallets.

→ The third one is in Wailing Woods on a small hill where there is a caravan and a rock. The ban dance panel is against the rock next to the caravan.

→ The fourth anti-dance panel is in the city of Retail Row just outside a storefront window.

→ For the fifth sign, you must go to the town of Tilted Towers. You will find a small park with trees and bushes and the sign waiting for you right in front of it.

Note that we’ve put you in 5, as the challenge is 5, but you’ll find more signs on the Fortnite map and especially on a hill near Pleasant Park, inside Salty Springs or on the right hand side of Retail Row.


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