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Resident Evil 2 Remake which character to choose first, Leon or Claire ? What are the differences in the scenario ?


Before you immerse yourself in the terror of Raccoon City, the remake of Resident Evil 2 will make you make a crucial starting point. Start the adventure with Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy by giving you only a resume of their respective backgrounds and objectives… But are there any differences in the game when choosing one or the other character ? If you also ask yourself this question, you will find the answer to this question as you continue reading.

It will allow you to know with who to start the adventure and the impact of your choice on the long term. Different weapons, different paths or even different scenarios, let’s see what changes when you choose Leon over Claire or the other way around (guaranteed without spoiler on the story) !

Resident Evil 2 Remake – play first with Claire or Leon at the beginning of the game ?

The game runs on an A/B road system, which means that no matter what choice you make at the beginning of the adventure, the path will be the same. If you choose Claire over Leon, she will arrive through the police station front door and Leon on route B will arrive through the service door. If you choose the opposite, the path of the two characters is reversed, it is Leon who comes through the main door and Claire through the back door… Do you understand the idea ? 

We will avoid talking about history, because we could « spoil » some things that it is better to keep secret and keep the controller in your hands. On the other hand, we can tell you that the weapons collected by Claire and Leon are not the same. When Claire recovers a Grenade Launcher, Leon will get her a shotgun in the same place. 

Although Leon and Claire’s experiences are quite similar at the beginning of the journey, you also meet different secondary characters. In terms of other differences, both Leon and Claire start with different handguns, and they both have different areas they can access during their respective campaigns. If you want our opinion, it is better to start the adventure with Claire and continue the road B with Leon… You will understand at the end of the game why we have guided you on this choice !


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