God of War PS4 : best tips and tricks to become a powerful god of northern mythology !


The least we can say is that the new God of War on PS4 has a terribly rich gameplay. The possibilities are numerous for Kratos and his son Atreus and the path is obviously full of obstacles. Fortunately, the god Kratos can count on his faithful axe Leviathan and Atreus can help his father with his bow. The two protagonists complement each other and you will have to master all the rudiments of the combat system of this new God of War to arrive without pain until the end of the adventure.

If you want to become a true god of Nordic mythology, we’ve put together on this page the 10 most useful tips and tricks for the game. Take the time to review this list and practice these tips to properly master all facets of God of War’s PS4 gameplay.

Tip 1 – Use your Leviathan axe…. All the time !

The Leviathan axe is at the heart of the gameplay of this new God of War. Never forget its use ! You can throw your Leviathan axe off at any time by aiming with L2 and throwing it forward with the R2 button. Better than that, the axe doesn’t come back alone since you’ll have to press the triangle button to get it back in your hands. And that’s the whole point of its usefulness in the game ! Be inventive, it will allow you to solve many puzzles during your adventures, it will also allow you to open rune chests. 

Break pots, throw it at everything that shines and many secrets will open to you. The Leviathan axe will also be very useful in combat, throw it on a sensitive point of your opponents and this will immediately immobilize what will give you a significant strategic advantage. An enemy is too big and too painful ? Maintain the distance with him and constantly throw the Leviathan axe at his body to consume his health bar. That’s what this magic axe is for… Never forget it !

Tip 2 – Sell your artifacts, they are of no use to you :

You’ll find them everywhere and in all regions of the game if you’re a little curious and you get out of the main path… But what good are these artifacts in God of War ? In addition to getting experience points by completing their collections in each region, you will get a very good price if you sell them in the Brok and Sindri workshops. 

Yes ! No need to keep your artifacts, they serve no other purpose than to be sold in the game workshops. This is a very good way to easily make money in this God of War to buy or upgrade Kratos and Atreus equipment.

Tip 3 – Get Luck in Kratos Statistics :

You may have noticed it by opening the game menu, Kratos to a whole panel of statistics that will allow him to gain strength, defense, increase his life points and improve the effectiveness of his runic attacks… Yes, but that’s not all ! There is another factor of its stats to take into consideration and not to ignore. 

It’s about the luck stats ! The more you increase it, the more experience points and money you get during your adventure. Remember that experience and money is what will allow you to upgrade Kratos and get new skills.

Tip 4 – An attack from behind… react quickly !

You will notice it very quickly during your confrontations with the game mobs or bosses, you will often find yourself back to the enemy, which will make you completely vulnerable. It’s a bad thing to find yourself from behind, we certainly don’t teach you that, but you can overcome this problem since Kratos has the possibility to make a turn on himself to counter the enemies who are about to hit him in the back. 

Simply press the down arrow on your PS4 controller and Kratos will immediately flip over, giving you time to parry with your shield by pressing the « L1 » button. You can easily guess when you are about to receive a blow from behind thanks to the red indicator that appears just behind Kratos and that indicates imminent damage. Besides the visual indicator, if you listen carefully to Atreus, he will warn his father when a traitorous attack arrives on him.

Tip 5 – Learn how to control your shield and decode colors :

We told you about the axe and its use in the first trick, but Kratos is also equipped with a shield that it deploys as soon as you press the L1 button on your controller. This shield will save your life… Literally ! As soon as you are not sure you can dodge a direct attack, do not try to understand and repel the attack which will prevent you from receiving damage.

Better than that ! Raise your shield at the right time and you will repulse your opponent, the action will slow you down giving you time to hit him back. Be careful though, there are some color codes to consider that can be dangerous if you don’t understand them. If a red color appears when your opponent hits, it is not good for you, it is a very powerful attack that will inflict damage even by raising your shield. It is therefore highly recommended to dodge the attack via the « X » button with your controller.

The other color is yellow, and if you can’t parry the attack at the right time you have a good chance of being stunned by the attack in question. If this happens to you, spam the X button and pull the joystick in one direction to get out of this bad situation. 

Tip 6 – You have no more healing… Activate the rage mode !

You probably noticed those green potions on the floor that allow you to heal yourself… The problem is that when there are no more… Well, there are no more ! Fortunately, there is an alternative method of treatment. Activate the Rage mode by pressing the L3 and R3 buttons (press both joysticks at the same time) so that Kratos gets into a black anger and breaks everything in his path.

In rage mode, you just have to hit the enemies around you to quickly regain health points. On the contrary if there are too many potions around and you need to raise the Kratos rage gauge, you can wait for the flask to change color from green to red ! In that case, it will not raise your health bar, but your rage gauge… Think about it !

Tip 7 – Watch the color of your opponents’ life bar :

The title may not seem clear, but you will notice sometimes that your opponents’ life bar has a different color… It’s not good at all ! If you face a monster or group of monsters with a purple life bar you go straight to certain death. Enemies with purple health bars are much more powerful than Kratos. 

You don’t have thirty-six solutions to win the battle, either have a legendary skill or increase Kratos’ stats enough so that he can compete with these terrible monsters… But another method also works, go into rage mode and hit an enemy with the square key while pushing him towards the edge of the map / or a cliff and finish him with the R2 button so that Kratos hits the ground violently. If you’re lucky, the monster will go out of the limits and die instantly !

Tip 8 – Always take a look at the objectives tab of the menu :

In God of War, there’s a lot to do… Between the long main quest on Midgard’s land, the secondary quests and the items to collect, you’ve got a while. But something else should interest you…

Open your menu and go to the « objectives » tab where you will find « jobs » by pressing left or right on the directional cross on your controller. These are small objectives really ancillary, but which will allow you to recover quite a lot of XP point if you keep them in a corner of your memory…

There are many tasks with different levels like killing xxx enemies, killing xx trolls, or thieves. So many objectives that will not bring much to the game if it is not a big source of additional XP if you take the time to look at the objectives requested by these sub-subquests.

Tip 9 – Atreus is very useful even when it must revive Kratos :

We do not introduce Atreus, son of Kratos and an apprentice God who has a lot of difficulty to manage his emotions… Yet in combat he is rather useful. Remember to upgrade his skills in the game menu, they are not expensive in XP points and especially this will allow Atreus to better help his father during the fights.

More than that, always think about buying resurrection stones in the game stores. Atreus will be able to use them when you fall in battle. They don’t restore much health, but it will often prevent you from starting again at the nearest checkpoint.

Tip 10 – The stun + The execution the winning combo :

You probably noticed that the monsters had two bars, one dedicated to health that empties with each blow and another that on the contrary, increases with each attack. If an enemy has too many health points, it is worth inflicting stun damage, Kratos has stun shots that increase the stun gauge and Atreus arrows are very used for this case too.

What’s the point, you’ll tell us ? Simply to allow Kratos to perform an action of execution or dismemberment once an enemy is completely stunned (stunned). Just press R3 (right joystick) once the gauge is full and a red circle has appeared on the head of a monster to execute it and make him lose in any case a large part of his health points if it does not kill him immediately.

As you advance in the game, you will be able to increase the number of executions and dismemberment that Kratos can inflict on his opponents.


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