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God of War PS4 explanation of the different statistics / attributes of Kratos


The new God of War on PS4 borrows more than ever from the RPG genre. In this sense, you will soon find that you will have to regularly update the statistics or attributes of Kratos to survive waves of enemies. Monsters that will become more powerful as you progress through the main adventure and secondary quests.

If you don’t want to miss anything of the gameplay of this new God of War and understand well how the offensive and defensive progression of Kratos takes place, you will have to learn and especially understand what each of the statistics of your character corresponds to. We have listed below the stats that you can make evolve through new equipment for Kratos or by improving your equipment parts.

How Kratos statistics work in the new God of War on PS4 :

→ HP : It corresponds to your hero’s health, you must keep it above zero otherwise it is Game Over and you will have to start over from the last checkpoint.

→ Strength : By increasing Kratos’ strength, you increase the damage the character inflicts on monsters or enemies when he uses his Leviathan axe and hits with his bare hand or with his huge shield.

→ Runic : You can equip Runes to Kratos so that he gains additional skills that can inflict heavy damage and unwanted effects on his opponents. By increasing the stat of the runes, you increase the damage inflicted by runic attacks, but also elementary damage.

→ Defense : The more you advance in the game, and the more damage the enemies inflict on you, so it is highly recommended to increase Kratos’ defense gauge which will allow him to take more physical and elementary blows.

→ Vitality : This statistic is rather practical since it will allow you to increase the maximum health of the character, but also to reduce dizziness and other negative effects that can affect Kratos.

→ Luck : If you want a powerful Kratos, you will need to keep its skills and equipment up to date. But for that, you will need a lot of money and XP points. That’s where the luck factor comes in. Increase this property and you will be able to earn more XP points and money !

You can also take a look at our previous article here to understand how the game’s XP system works : How to easily earn experience points (XP) in the new God of War on PS4.

→ Cooldown : Every time you use a rune in the game, you have to wait for it to recharge… At first, this wait may be long enough to prevent you from regularly using the powers of the runes, but by increasing the recovery property of Kratos, you will be able to reduce the waiting time between each use of runic attacks, runic invocations or by using talismans.

Note that at any time you can have a short description of all this directly in the game by pressing the left joystick (L3) on your PS4 controller.


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