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Guide God of War how to enter the realm of Niflheim (location of the 4 cipher pieces)


When you can access the room that allows you to choose realms in God of War, you will notice that the world of Niflheim is closed. There is a possibility in the game to access this kingdom. If you don’t know how to do it, you will find on this page the location of the 4 cipher pieces that will allow Atreus to learn the Niflheim language, which will then allow you to open the kingdom of fog, a totally optional area in the game, but which will allow you to get the best resources and items and more to face a Valkyrie there.

Where are the 4 cipher pieces to open Niflheim gates in God of War :

You will immediately identify the chests that contain the cipher piece to open the kingdom of Niflheim, they have a purple color and the padlock looks like a floating face. You don’t need special items to open these boxes, Atreus will open them with his knife.

Location of the first chest of Niflheim :

In Midgard, take a boat and travel on Lake of Nines to the ruins of the ancient north of the forgotten caves. You will find the chest a little further away from the beach when docking with your boat. Be careful, there is a golem (soul devourer) in this area. By opening the chest, you will get your first cipher piece to enter the realm of fog.

Location of the second Niflheim chest :

The second cipher piece for Niflheim is at the top of the snow-covered mountain to the far right of Midgard. You will find the chest just after the workshop of the dwarf Sindri by opening the two large doors. This place is close to the place where you will meet Mimir for the first time.

Location of the third chest in Niflheim :

The third cipher piece to access Niflheim is in the heart of the temple of Tyr. You know, the place where Kratos decides to break the chains to completely flip the temple. In one of the rooms in this area, you will find a chest with a cipher piece from the kingdom of Niflheim.

Location of the fourth Niflheim chest :

You will find the fourth cipher piece in the same place as the third by visiting a room of the temple of Tyr.

Note that if you missed bits of ciper piece along the way it’s not a problem ! These chests for Niflheim also appear in other places as the council of Valkyries or the beach of the Lookout Tower. When you have collected all the Niflheim cipher pieces, you will get a message that you have learned the Niflheim language and that you can enter the realm of fog from the game’s realm table.


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