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Fortnite where the challenge soccer pitches of week 7 (season 4) are located


Epic Games teams take the opportunity to rebound on the Football World Cup event to offer players a challenge to score a goal on different pitches. If you’re looking to fill this Week 7 (Season 4) challenge, we’ve put together on this page all the football fields you’ll find on Fortnite Battle Royale’s MAP. Note that some fields are not real football pitches, but more makeshift playgrounds where you can find balls to score goals.

Location of Fortnite Football pitches ( Battle pass challenge) :

→ Risky Reels Football Field – Just below Riski Reels’ big screen, you’ll find fortunes goals made of metal pipes and garbage cans. Shoot into the ball and score a goal!

→ Fatal Fields soccer – In the fields of the area, you will find an improvised football pitch in the middle of the scarecrows. Get the ball into the wooden goals !

→ Flush Factory soccer pitch – At the toilet factory, you will find another football field in the parking lot with a toilet for goals… Pretty original! 

→ Container Zone – Between the town of Tomato Town and Retail Row, you’ll find containers and a ball that you can use as an impromptu playground.

→ If you’re the brave type, you can also go to the real football pitches. There’s one east of Junk Junction, it’s the big stadium! there’s also the open football field in Pleasant Park. otherwise you can also visit an Indoor Football stadium in Tilted Towers.

If you wish to better locate the different football pitches of Fortnite, you can consult the image below which will show you the pitches where you will be able to score a goal on different football fields and thus validate this challenge of the 7th week of the battle pass (season 4).



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