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Wiki Conan Exiles how to make and get Twine


Twine is a relatively common item/material in Conan Exiles, you will need to use it quite often in the game crafting system. It is therefore better to learn at the beginning of the game how to get it and how to craft it. You will need it to create many items such as the bed, the firebowl cauldron, the simple simple wooden doors, the wooden boxes, etc.

To create Twine in Conan Exiles, there is nothing simpler, you just have to use Plant Fibers. It is the only thing you need to find to create Twine… But you certainly wonder how to get Plant fibers if you begin in the universe of Conan the barbarian…

How to get (where to find) plant fibers in Conan Exiles :

Nothing simpler, go in an area where there is vegetation and search in everything that looks like bushes or tall grass to collect many plant fibers. Be sure to collect them all the time, plant fibers are not only used to create twine, this resource of the game is also used in the manufacture of equipment, dyes, or to create tools like the improvised torch.

Once you have collected enough plant fibers, open the game’s crafting system and create twine for yourself. You only need 3 pieces of plant fibers to create a twine. As for where to look, there are no specific places, just look for an area where vegetation is dense and you’ll just have to bend down to find tons of plant fibers in Conan Exiles.


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