Wiki Apex Legends where to land to get the best items, weapons and equipment (locations map)


If you have been careful enough when travelling through the different areas of Kings Canyon in Apex Legends, you must have noticed at the top left of your screen that the game always shows you the medium loot areas and the high level loot areas.

To help you get a better understanding of the different places that make up the Kings Canyon, we have prepared a map of the game with the level loot of each area. You can find the map at the end of the page, we have added coloured circles… The purple circles indicate areas where you are most likely to get epic / legendary equipment and the blue areas indicate areas where the loot is average. Be careful, you can imagine that a purple zone is most likely to attract other opposing squads.

Areas that are not indicated by a circle on the map simply mean that the level of equipment you will find there « poor » or even « very low », but it can also be a good strategy to avoid confrontations as much as possible at the beginning of the match. Make your fall choices in accordance with this !

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Map Apex Legends (Kings Canyon) with all high-level and medium-level loot areas :

When you start a match, remember to open your MAP first, you will see a small blue circle, it is a hot zone. These high-level loot areas are designed to contain a weapon that is already fully equipped with accessories. We also remind you that all small green dots indicate reappearance tags for your squad. Bring the banner of one or more of your fallen teammates to make them reappear. In any case, here is the map of the Kings Canyon with all the locations where you can find the best equipment, weapons and other items from Apex Legends, make good use of them !



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