Fortnite Battle Royale all you need to know about the new Solid Gold Mode game !


Fortnite Season 3 additions continue to arrive. The game now features a brand new Battle Royale mode. It’s time to put aside solo, duo or squad games and test the new Solid Gold game mode.

Forget the green, blue or purple color weapons… Everything is GOLD in this mode ! The rules are simple, everyone has the same level of weapon rarity. This time, there will be no excuse for « pfff, anyway he had a better weapon ! « , everyone is the same. Jump off the battle car, pull out the legendary guns and get ready for carnage in the Solid Gold mode that’s out there for a limited time !

No information on the end date of the event, but make the most of it before the game mode is no longer available. Make a maximum of royale victory (top 1) and spread a legendary death on your enemies.


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