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Guide Kingdom Hearts 3 list and locations of all Battlegate with Secret Reports


When you reach the Keyblade Graveyard of Kingdom Hearts 3, the game will introduce you to a new element of gameplay. Battlegate, which are special areas that allow you to face the heartless, Nobodies or other diabolic creatures of the game. These portals are also an opportunity to fight against dangerous opponents such as the Heartless Dark Inferno…

But before you can access all the Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate, you will need to have beaten the final boss of the game once, seen the ending scene and saved your game after the end. It’s only when you’re done with all this that the Battlegate will appear in all four corners of the Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds, there are a total of 15 portals, from 0 to 14. You will find below the location of all these battle portals and the rewards you will get when you finish them.

★ Note: Battlegate will allow you to earn a lot of XP points, but you will also gain photogenic qualities… Understand by this that you will unlock some selfie poses for the Gummiphone’s photo mode.


The complete guide to Kingdom Hearts 3 Battlegate – where to find them ?

Each time you manage to complete a Battlegate, you get a secret report (does not count for Battlegate 0 and 14). There are 13 to find, you can consult and read his secret reports from your Gummiphone. A new section will appear as soon as you have won your first report. A great opportunity to reinforce your understanding of the history of Kingdom Hearts.


→ Battlegate Number 0 – Difficulty one star ★

First Battlegate you will find at the Keyblade Graveyard when you are in the labyrinth of The Skein of Severance. This battle portal will be present even before you have finished the game and it will be the only one until you have made your post-game save. There are no rewards for this portal, but if your level is low at this point of the game it is a good opportunity to earn XP points before you begin the next challenges.

→ Battlegate Number 1 – Difficulty one star ★

It is found in the world of Olympus (Hercules) in the realm of the gods, in the area of the courtyard. It’s just at the entrance to the realm of the gods.

  • Reward : Fire Cufflink and Secret Report 1

→ Battlegate number 2 – Two-star difficulty ★★

You can found it in the world of Olympus (Hercules) in the realm of the gods, the Apex zone just behind Zeus.

  • Reward : Cosmic Belt + and Secret Report 2

→ Battlegate number 3 – Two-star difficulty ★★

It is located in the twilight town in the area of the old mansion (Neighborhood) after crossing the woods.

  • Reward : Evanescent Crystal (Synthesis Material) and Secret Report 3

→ Battlegate number 4 – Difficulty one star ★

In the world of Toy Story (toy box). The portal battle is right next to the save point in the kid korral of the the Galaxy Toys.

  • Reward : Megalixir and Secret Report 4

→ Battlegate number 5 – Two-star difficulty ★★

In the world of Toy Story (toy box). The gate is located at the entrance to the Galaxy Toys just to the left after passing through the doors of the shopping centre.

  • Reward : Thunder Cufflink and Secret Report 5

→ Battlegate number 6 – Two-star difficulty ★★

You will find it in the world of Raiponce (kingdom of Corona). The portal is located in the forest area – wetlands. At the place where Raiponce was helping Sora cross the area with her hair during the adventure.

  • Reward : Illusory crystal (Synthesis Material) and Secret Report 6

→ Battlegate Portal Number 7: Difficulty one star ★

You will find this battle portal in the world of Raiponce (kingdom of Corona). It is located towards the area where there is the Raiponce tower. At the very place where you first appear when you first join this world during the adventure. 

  • Reward : Aero Cufflink and Secret Report 7

→ Battlegate Number 8 – Difficulty one star ★

You will find this portal in the world of monsters Inc. (Monstropolis). The gate is located in the Powerplant in the area of the main courtyard / Tank Yard. This is the place that was on fire when you first came into this world.

  • Reward : Illusory crystal (Synthesis Material) and Secret Report 8

→ Battlegate number 9 – Two-star difficulty ★★

You can find this portal by going to the world of the Frozen (kingdom of Arendelle). To find it, you will have to go into the ice maze (labyrinth of ice) again. The gate awaits you at the middle tier level of the labyrinth.

  • Reward: Evanescent Crystal (Synthesis Material) and Secret Report 9

→ Battlegate portal number 10 – Two-star difficulty ★★

To find this portal, you must go to the world of Caribbean (Jack Sparrow). The portal is located on the Huddled isles in the high seas. At the very place where you got your boat (the Leviathan). 

  • Reward: water Cufflink and secret report 10

→ Battlegate number 11 – Two-star difficulty ★★

You will find this new portal by returning to the world of Big Hero 6 and visiting the city of San Fransokyo (day or night). To locate this portal, go to the northern part of the city, it is located on the train rails near the tunnel limit. Take a little height in the north district to get an overview and quickly find this new battle portal.

  • Reward: Yin-Yang Cufflink and Secret Report 11

→ Battlegate Number 12 – Difficulty one star ★

To find it, visit the world of Big Hero 6 in the city of San Fransokyo. Climb up the building with blue lights in the central district and you will see on another roof at the same height the crystal of a battle portal.

  • Reward: Blizzard Cufflink and Secret Report 12

→ Battlegate Portal Number 13: Two-Star Difficulty ★★

This portal awaits you at the entrance to the Keyblade Graveyard – The Badlands. The portal is right next to the one that leads to the final world.

  • Reward: Celestraid and the Secret Report 13

→ Battlegate Portal Number 14 – Three-star difficulty ★★★

You will find this last portal in the world of the necropolis of the Keyblades in the fatal lands, the area that lies just before entering the web of rupture. Be careful, in this portal you will face the Heartless Dark Inferno, be ready for the fight especially since Sora will be alone for this confrontation (if you are in standard difficulty it is largely playable at the 60/65 level with good preparation).

  • Reward : Crystal Regalia



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