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Harry Potter Wizards Unite everything you need to know about Niantic’s Harry Potter game


If you visit this page it is because you are aware that Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go will release a Harry Potter game in the current year 2018. If you’re looking for information about this new augmented reality game called Harry Potter : Wizards Unite, a collaboration between Niantic and WB Games, you’ll find here everything you need to know about this game before its official release on iOS and Android mobiles.

Just like the famous Pokemon Go, Harry Potter : Wizards Unite should offer players a special interactive augmented reality experience to share with other players and friends. The difference is that Niantic has learned from past mistakes and ensures that this Harry Potter game will not repeat the mistakes of the chaotic beginning of Pokemon Go.

Everything you need to know about the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite from Niantic :

We’ve gathered all the information we currently know about this new Harry Potter game that we share with you. 

→ When Niantic’s Harry Potter comes out :

From what we know at the moment, and based on information provided by John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the release of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is fast approaching, the game should be officially available for APK download on Android and the Apple iOS platform in the second half of 2018.

It would not be surprising to learn more about this at a conference dedicated to E3 2018 in June.

→ Who is involved in the development of Harry Potter Wizards Unite off Niantic :

Unlike Pokemon Go, the guys at Niantic won’t be the only developers of the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite. During the Niantic / Warner Bros Games alliance, a new structure called Portkey Games dedicated to the Harry Potter franchise was created, involving many more people in the game’s development. 

Moreover, WB Games announced that Harry Potter Wizards Unite would be the first Harry Potter game from a long list that should be released in the coming years and not only on mobile, which involves a comeback of the wizard whether on PC or home consoles.

→ Harry Potter Wizards Unite is like Pokemon Go actually ?

Given that Niantic is heavily involved in the development of this new Harry Potter mobile game, chances are he is offering an experience quite similar to a certain Pokemon GO with a gameplay that will encourage you to explore around your home, your camera in hand. The difference is that the augmented reality of the game should be much more under control here. Indeed, Niantic Labs acquired Escher Reality at the beginning of 2018, recovering its much more advanced technological background in the use of augmented reality.

This should allow Harry Potter Wizards Unite to take advantage of Escher Reality’s breakthrough AR technology when it is finally released. Niantic’s John Hanke said in an interview that the release of Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be much more under control than that of Pokemon Go. 

→ What Harry Potter Wizards Unite gameplay looks like :

According to early information about the game, Wizards Unite should allow players to discover magical creatures that will have to be fought through the game’s AR and also meet emblematic characters from the Hary Potter universe.

Players should also be able to cast spells and progress as a wizard, team up with other people/friends to defeat magical creatures and even collect artifacts according to early information provided by Niantic Labs and Portkey Games.


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