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Guide Sekiro Shadows Die Twice how to heal the characters of the dragonrot sickness


In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you will quickly find yourself facing an epidemic that affects everyone who has been in contact with your character. Dragonrot, the more you lose your life in the game and use the resurrection system, the more likely the characters you have met will have the misfortune to contract the dragonrot sickness. 

The symptoms ? A slow and painful death with coughing fits and blood spitting… But don’t panic, you can react to treat people affected by the dragonrot sickness ! For this, you will need to obtain Dragon’s Blood Droplet that you can use when meditating on an sculptor’s idol using the appropriate option.

The first time the characters in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice are touched by the dragonrot sickness you will have to go back to Emma the doctor several times to find an antidote. She will ask you to bring her a sick blood sample, if you do so then you will get your first Dragon’s Blood Droplet to heal the population of the dragonrot. 

Beyond weakening the characters in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and preventing you from trading with those affected, the dragonrot also has the effect of reducing your percentage of unseen aid, so that when you die you will have less chance of keeping your experience points and money through this system.

Note that further on in the adventure, you will be able to buy the famous Dragon’s Blood Droplet that heal from the dragonrot.

How does the dragonrot sickness arrive in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice ?

As explained above, the more you die in the game, the more likely the characters are to get this disease. You don’t even need to use the resurrection system to make it happen. What we mean is that just because you don’t use the resurrection doesn’t mean the population won’t get the dragonrot. So don’t limit your use of the resurrection it has no impact on this aspect of the game. It is your repeated deaths with a return to an sculptor’s idol that could cause this epidemic in Sekiro’s world. When the disease affects a person, you are immediately notified with a message that indicates the presence of an essence of dragonrot with the name of the character who is affected by the disease.


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