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Fortnite Switch how crossplay works with PS4, Xbox One or PC players


Nintendo Switch players had the good surprise in this period of E3 2018 to see a certain Fortnite on the eShop. This now allows Epic Games to be played on almost any platform, whether on a home screen, a mobile phone or in portable mode wherever you want. 

The problem remains the question of cross play. How is cross play managed on the Switch version of Fortnite and is it possible to play with PS4 players or switch from a PS4 account to Switch ? 

Fortnite Nintendo Switch how to play with PS4 players :

Let’s get right to the point, because it’s the topic of discussion that’s annoying. Sony as the market leader continues to categorically reject cross play with media other than PlayStation. This means that it is currently not possible to play Fortnite between Nintendo Switch / PS4 players. Note that Sony also prevents you from switching from the PS4 to the switch or vice versa which means that you will not be able to link your Epic Games account on these two media. 

You will not be able to recover your PS4 progress if you plan to play Switch and vice versa. Sony refuses the cross-platform, but know that Epic Games and the players are currently putting pressure on the Japanese giant to change things.

Fortnite Switch Crossplay: can we play with Xbox One, PC or mobile players ?

Good news for others, it is quite possible to play crossplay between PC, mobile, Xbox One or Switch players. Nintendo has easily opened up to others and is willing to mix players even if they are not part of the Switch ecosystem. Note that you can also link your Epic Games account between these different platforms and retrieve your content without any problem.


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