vendredi, décembre 9

Red Dead Online progress lost after beta period (character delete) ?


This is a question that many players have been asking themselves since the release of the Beta version of Red Dead Online, the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. You will agree when you play this beta version that the content is not yet fully accessible. Scripted quests are limited and activities not all present… After all, it’s a beta version ! But what about the progress of the players? Will Rockstar Games teams have to reset ranks/ranks and statistics to zero and thus delete players’ characters ?

We have a first response from the development team who released a statement on the official blog of the game. According to them, everything is done to keep players’ data at the end of this beta phase, but for major online games like Red Dead Online it is never easy to predict whether this will be possible or not. 

So the game teams warn players that they may have to reset the level and progression and delete the characters created for the real launch of Red Dead Online. 


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