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Realm Royale tips and tricks to win all your matchs


Realm Royale has everything it takes to be a serious competitor to Fortnite and PUBG, the most popular players haven’t taken long to grab hold of the phenomenon and describe it as being the best alternative to Fortnite. And for good reason, Realm Royale does in originality by adding gameplay mechanics to the Battle Royale genre to which we were not used.

Playing Realm Royale you dive into a typically fantasy universe with swords, magic sticks, mounts and even some special powers that can tip a confrontation… Ah There are also chickens… OK, it’s time for explanations, we have concocted 5 tips and tricks that will allow you to better understand the concept of Realm Royale and that will allow you, we hope to chain the tops 1.

5 tips and tricks for Realm Royale :

With these tips we will talk about the different classes of the game, because yes unlike other Battle Royale you can choose to be a warrior, a mage, a hunter and others… We will also talk about dropping and landing points, because it is different from the others games. By following our advice, you will get a head start on the other players, which will be perfect if you are still a Realm Royale beginner.

→ Tip 1 – Don’t neglect your starting class :

In Realm Royale, it is not enough to throw a game and run on the first weapon that comes to desolder the neighbor. No, for the blow it is a little more subtle, before each matchs you will have to make the choice between a warrior, an engineer, an assassin, a mage and a hunter.

Each of the classes of the game has its own characteristics, skills and allow at the same time to obtain a unique weapon. The abilities of each of the classes are obtained during the game in the safes that are scattered around the 4 corners of MAP.

We advise you to test all classes of the game on several matchs to determine the one that best matches your style of play. Some classes are defense and stealth oriented, while others will be more suitable for aggressive players looking to do maximum damage.

→ Tip 2 – Forget the fall damage and parachutes and say hello to your horse !

If you are a regular Fortnite and PUBG player forget everything you know about these two, because Realm Royale is really different. The Hi-Rez Studios game does everything differently starting with dropping from the air. Go down without fear, because once down there will be no deployment of parachutes. Which means the more you dive down, the faster you’ll find yourself searching the vaults downstairs.

Besides, no parachute also means no height damage. You can make a fall of 500 M you will not receive any damage. Also note that you have a basic mount. A horse that will allow you to move faster rather practical if you are under enemy fire and you want to get out of there quickly.

→ Tip 3 – Disenchant equipment you don’t use :

Unlike other Battle Royals, you don’t have to leave unnecessary items on the floor. No, in Realm Royale you can simply disenchant useless items which will allow you to retrieve fragments that will later allow you to create legendary new pieces of equipment or forge capabilities.

So when you open a safe or kill a player, always think about disenchantment with items you don’t use or are not interested in. It’ll come in handy sooner or later if you survive long enough to get to the forge.

→ Tip 4 – Use your fragments at the forge to get legendary equipment :

The forge is what can make the difference in a game. Throughout the game you disenchant items that you deem uninteresting which allows you to recover fragments. These fragments can be used in the forge to create healing and armor potions, but also legendary pieces of equipment and abilities.

However, note that when you put fragments in the forge you do not get the items you ordered in the process. No, it will take 30 seconds for a potion, 1 minute for the armor and skills of legendary rarity. This exposes you to enemy attacks and leads us to our next trick.

→ Tip 5 – Use forge smoke as an indicator :

When a player uses the forge, the stove starts to make noise and emit a huge black smoke that lets you know that a player is about to create healing or legendary items. Use this as a strategic element to surprise your opponent and steal what he was about to create. Because yes, when the forge has finished creating an item, it drops it on the ground and anyone can pick up the article in question.

If you’re smart, you can even swing a few fragments to produce potions and lure unwary players to the forge and set them a trap to get the easiest players out of the game.


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