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GTA5 Online how to get a silver, gold, platinum, diamond and VIP membership card at the casino


The new Diamond Casino & Resort (the jewel of Vinewood) is open in GTA Online, you can now become a full member of the club where you can spend all your GTA$ in the various activities offered by the establishment. The first entertainment and luxury destination in Los Santos, the « Diamond » casino has several slot machines, horse races and gaming tables. A lot of activity that will always require you to convert your GTA$ into casino chips. 

Some privileges are reserved for the most prestigious members of the casino, VIPs who have a special membership card. But not only that, your membership card, which is basically « standard », can evolve under certain conditions. Find out how you can get a silver, gold, platinum or even diamond membership card in GTA5 Online’s new Diamond Casino & Resort and the rewards and privileges associated with each rank.

How to obtain the standard membership card ?

The standard membership card is required to take part in the various activities of the casino. You will get it for 500 GTA$ by going directly to the establishment, immediately to the left of the entrance you will find the customer reception (represented by an i-shaped icon on the MAP) that will allow you to pick up your standard membership card. It will allow you to play at certain tables, slot machines, Inside Track and the Lucky Wheel.

☆ Note – Once per day, you can spin the Lucky wheel for all kinds of rewards from a simple discount coupon to a luxury supercar valued in the millions. If you want to know more about the GTA Online Lucky Weel, visit this page : GTA 5 Online spin the Lucky Wheel of The Diamond Casino & Resort (complete rewards list to claim).

How to get a VIP membership card ?

To become a casino VIP, go to the hotel website (open the EyeFinder from your character’s smartphone), the site is featured. You will become a VIP member by purchasing a Penthouse, the VIP card will give you access to high limit gaming tables and other additional services that you will find when you go to the casino’s customer reception area for example.

How to obtain silver membership (silver membership card) :

By purchasing a Master Penthouse by spending your GTA$ or via the free exchange with Twitch Prime, you will not only obtain VIP status, but also « Silver » membership status. Becoming this type of member in Diamond Casino allows you to get an exclusive painting of a woman “She’s Loaded” decorating wall for your new home and at the same time you will receive a « Diamond » t-shirt on the theme of the casino.

How to obtain gold membership (gold membership card) :

Members with « silver » status who help Tao Cheng protect the casino from a powerful Texas family can accomplish the second cooperative mission, « housekeeping » to obtain « gold » status, which unlocks an exclusive color for the new supercar « Thrax Truffade » as well as a « Truffade » t-shirt for your character.

How to obtain platinum membership (platinum membership card) :

After obtaining the privileges of the casino’s gold members, you will be able to undertake the missions of the manager of the establishment gambling. Complete 5 missions for Agatha Baker to receive the lucky triple 7 tattoo and a special accessory (a luxury watch) from the casino clothing store. After completing the first cooperative mission, all you have to do is call Mrs. Baker on your phone to get new jobs in the city… Complete 5 missions and you will become a platinum member (you will get the platinum membership card).

How to obtain diamond membership (diamond membership card) :

Diamond status is the most prestigious rank of the Diamond Casino & Resort of GTA Online. To access it, you must have reached all the other ranks and have reached the platinum level. After that, you will have to complete all the main tasks given to you by the casino’s senior managers to become a « diamond » member. You will get a special skin for a vehicle as well as another for the supercar Annis S80RR by finishing a mission of « platinum » rank with another player who hosts the game. All Diamond Member Program awards will be active between August 8 and 13, 2019.


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