dimanche, décembre 4

Pokemon Quest available for download on Nintendo Switch, APK Android and iOS soon


When the new Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Evoli games were announced, Nintendo took the opportunity to talk about a second game that can be played for free and is now available for download on the Switch’s eshop. This is Pokemon Quest, a Free to Play game dedicated to the Kanto region and the first generation of Pokemon (1G) to make players wait until the release of Let’s Go Pikachu & Evoli at the end of the year.

To get Pokemon Quest, simply connect to the eShop on your Nintendo Switch and download the game for free. This spin-off with cubic graphics is relatively simplistic, you scroll through areas with your Pokemon that automatically advance and also fight automatically, but to which you can give orders by tapping at the bottom of the screen to make special attacks or to order them an early retreat. 

You have your own camp that you can decorate as you like by collecting decorative items as you progress through the different levels of the game and you can cook with a cauldron in your camp to attract new Pokemon that you can later add to your team. The game focuses on the first generation which means you can meet 150 Pokemon while playing Pokemon Quest.

If the game is already available on Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS users will have to wait a little longer before they can enjoy it. But it is well planned to be released during the month of June on the Apple and Google platform with an APK that will be available for download very soon for Android users and to get on the App Store for iPhone / iPad players.


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