Pokemon Go how to get Pikachu with the straw hat (One Piece event)


Every year, Pikachu gets a new hat or cap in the Pokemon Go mobile application. For 2019, the famous mascot of the Pokemon license is stealing Luffy’s straw hat, the famous character from the One Piece manga. Between July 22nd and July 29th, 2019, Niantic Labs teams will offer players a special event that will allow them to pick up a Pikachu with Luffy’s straw hat… But not only that, since even your character (trainer / avatar) can pick up the famous straw hat from the One Piece manga.

For the quick info, this Pokemon Go X One Piece event is intended to mark the third anniversary of the application of Niantic, but also the 22 years of existence of the One Piece license. But this event will also serve to restore visibility to the prefecture of « Kumamoto » in Japan, which had to be rebuilt due to an earthquake. Indeed, a statue will be placed there for the event and players will be able to enjoy a special Pokestop.

How to get One Piece’s straw hat in Pokemon Go ?

You don’t need to be in Japan to pick up a straw hat Pikachu or the accessory for your character (trainer / avatar). For Pikachu, you just have to connect to the game from July 22nd to July 29th, 2019 and meet him in the wild, he will have to wear Luffy’s straw hat from the One Piece manga. 

Note that the capture is not limited, you can get as much Pikachu with the straw hat as you will cross and capture. Similarly, the straw hat can also be claim for your character on these dates by visiting the Pokemon Go application store. The accessory can be picked up in the game shop free of charge.


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