jeudi, décembre 8

Octopath Traveler new trial version available for download on Nintendo Switch


Still undecided about Octopath Traveler ? You can download a brand new demo of the game from the Nintendo Switch eShop. An almost limitless demo since it allows players to choose between the 8 playable protagonists. Choose your favourite character and travel to Orsterra before the official release of the game on July 13, 2018.

A game time limit for the new playable demo of Octopath Traveler :

Even if this demo will give you a big preview of the game, know that there is still a limitation. You can play the game for 3 hours after which the demo will lock and you will have to wait until the game is released on the Nintendo system to continue your adventure. Note that the demo data will be transferable to the final version.

Here is a first preview of the game and you decide whether or not you want to dive into the heart of the 8 stories of Octopath Traveler when it comes out. If you want to know how long the game will last, we have published another article on this subject available at this address : Wiki Octopath Traveler how many hours of play it takes to finish the game.


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