Wiki Octopath Traveler how many hours of play it takes to finish the game


Octopath Traveler is the new Square Enix game designed by Bravely Default’s producers. This exclusive RPG to the Nintendo Switch with HD-2D graphics and totally Old School universe plunges players into the heart of a long journey with a total of 8 main protagonists to control. Each character begins his adventure in a distinct region of Orsterra with his own goals and story.

When playing Octopath Traveler, you probably wonder how long it will take you to complete the main story. Well, the world of Orsterra is vast and there are many adventures waiting for you, not to mention the number of turn-based battles you’ll face along the way. To finish the main adventure in a straight line, to see the end of the game and the credits, you will need about 40 to 50 hours of play, depending on how you play and your ability to overcome Octopath Traveler’s most difficult battles. In addition, to complete Octopath Traveler in its entirety with all its secondary quests you will need at least 80 hours of play, you can even push the adventure up to 100 hours if you really target 100%.

Your Octopath Traveler adventure will be long, so expect to enjoy your journey to Orsterra for a long time.


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