dimanche, février 5

Guide Fortnite where is the hidden star of week 7 (season 9 utopia challenge)


As always, by completing all the challenges of the current week, you will unlock a loading screen that will give you a clue to the location of a hidden battle star or fortbytes chip. Last week, players were able to get a fortbytes chip, for week 7 of the utopia challenge, it is a battle star that you can get back which will allow you to reach a level in your battle pass for this season 9.

You can see the famous loading screen of week 7 right on the top cover of this article. We see a rather futuristic sequence featuring the characters of the game. On the left, we notice the presence of the star.

Where is the secret star of week 7 (season 9 utopia challenge)?

The loading screen allows us to determine that this week’s secret star is in the volcano area, at Pressure Plant exactly. Go to the location (see marker in the image below) to get the secret star of week 7 of the utopia challenge. Remember that you must have completed all the challenges of the week to get the item back or it just doesn’t appear!



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