Wiki Pokemon Sword And Shield Wild Area explained


The Wild Area of Pokemon Sword and Shield extends between the different cities that players can visit in the Galar region. These lands offer a large variety of landscapes with climatic effects that modify the appearance of the places visited. Heavy rain, blazing sun, sandstorms, all these are possible situations that change the environment.

In these Wild Area, you can also encounter different species of Pokémon that change depending on your position on the map, but not only. The weather will be a determining factor to cross certain types. Walk around in rainy and stormy weather, for example, and the Pokemon that appears will certainly be electric. Every day spent in the Wild Area of Pokemon Sword and Shield will allow you to make new discoveries !

A new way to play Pokemon games with Wild Area :

The great new feature compared to older Pokemon games is that you can control the camera when you travel through the Wild Area. Move the joystick right and you can have an overview of everything around you. This will make it easier for you to find Pokemon and items. Because just like last year’s Let’s Go episode, in Pokemon Sword and Shield the wild creatures are directly visible on the field. 


So these are not fights that appear randomly when you walk through the tall grass and caves like previous generations since this time you can target a specific Pokemon that you see running around on the MAP. Pokemons are everywhere! In the air, in tall grass, in lakes, etc. And who knows, you might even be surprised by one of them by shaking a tree…

★ Note – In the previous games, you couldn’t really cross species much stronger than your team. In Sword and Shield, it’s the opposite since you can cross the path of far too powerful creatures that will require preparation if you hope to be able to catch these creatures in question… When you face a Pokemon that is technically far too powerful for your current team, you can see the message « You encountered a very strong-looking (pokemon name)… ».


Some areas of the Wild Area make Pokemon more powerful :

In some areas of the Galar region, a phenomenon can occur… It allows Pokémon to become huge and obtain overloaded statistics! This transformation is called Dynamax, it is a new game mechanics introduced by the 8th generation. 

☆ Note 2 – We have an article dedicated to the new Dynamax transformations of Pokemon Sword and Shield that can make the creatures you catch much stronger and gigantic in addition to that. You will find all the information about the gameplay mechanics called Dynamax here : Wiki Pokemon Sword And Shield Dynamax How It Work and How Activated.

It is possible to play with other players in the Wild Area of Pokemon Sword and Shield ?

If you connect with other players, you can cooperate on the Wild Area. Among the new features of multiplayer are Dynamax battles that allow you to face a big Pokemon by gathering up to 4 players. You can play in cooperation with up to 4 players with online players from all over the world or you can also play locally with your friends and family if you have several Nintendo Switch and several Pokemon Sword and Shield games (one console and one game per player).


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