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Kingdom Come Deliverance where is the Devil’s Skull – Leshek quest the house of god


When you visit Talmberg Castle, you will learn from Sir Davish that there has been an incident at the Sasau Monastery and you will get a secondary quest called « The house of god ».

By following the different markers of the quest, you will discover the origins of the incident. A certain Leshek would have discovered a devil’s skull during the construction work and he would have thrown it away in the river to avoid panic at the monastery. Of course, you will have to find this famous skull… but where is the Devil’s Skull Leshek ?

If you’re at this moment of the quest and you don’t know what to do to for find the devil’s skull, then read on to find out exactly where Leshek got off !

Kingdom Come Deliverance where the devil Leshek’s skull is – the side quest « the house of god » :

You can find the devil’s skull towards the river that runs along the monastery. Go to the specific point indicated by our screenshots below to find the exact spot where this famous devil’s skull can be found.

Once you get your hands on it, all you have to do is continue with the markers of the quest and report back to Sir Davish to complete the secondary quest « the house of god ».


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