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Jurassic World Evolution tips and hints for building the biggest dinosaur park ever !


In Jurassic World Evolution you take control of several dinosaur amusement parks that come to life on several islands of Las Cinco Muertes. You will have to manage the whole financial aspect of the game until the safety of the visitors by setting up various devices which will maintain your parks in a comfortable financial situation.

If you are new to the game or have just reached the second island, things must have started to get severe for you with dinosaurs escaping from their enclosure every 4 seconds or storms ravaging everything in their path. So it’s time for you to learn a few tricks about the new Frontier Developements management game and that’s good, because we’ve concocted 7 tips and tricks that will allow you to keep your park counters in the green and that will allow you to make your attractions grow across the 5 islands of the game.

Tip 1 – Do you know the rule for mixing dinosaur types ?

If you place all your dinosaurs in the same enclosure you will create a nasty natural imbalance of things and carnivores will not wait to kill herbivores, even the weaker ones. Learn to identify the type of dinosaurs you place in the enclosure, there are small herbivores, herbivores or large herbivores, there are also predators, small carnivores and carnivores. Did you know that you can place some herbivores with carnivores ? Explanation !

  • Small herbivores will be killed by small carnivores.
  • Herbivores have nothing to fear from small carnivores.
  • Large herbivores have nothing to fear from carnivores.

So you can use the following combinations in your enclosures :

  • You can mix small herbivores with herbivores and large herbivores in the same area.
  • You can mix herbivores, large herbivores and small carnivores in the same enclosure.
  • You can add large herbivores with small carnivores and carnivores.

Be careful however, some species do not get along and will fight until death follows. If you see a problem between two species, simply put one species to sleep and place the disturbing element in another enclosure.

Tip 2 – Don’t wait, ask for contracts yourself :

When you arrive on a new Jurassic World Evolution island, things are never all pink and you have very limited money to get everything back on track before the park goes bankrupt. It is better to anticipate and the first thing to do is open the control room and ask for new security, science and entertainment contracts. 

You will thus have small objectives to meet throughout the management of your new park. These small contracts will bring you money and will lead you to complete missions that will easily bring you the million dollars as well as a unique reward in case of success !

Tip 3 – Get money very easily from one island to another :

As we explained just above when you arrive in a new island the game takes you out of your comfort zone by voluntarily putting you in control of a park close to bankruptcy. In this sense, it can be very hard to go back up the path and put the park’s financial meters back in the green especially when the funds are low ! 

There is however this trick very simple to put in practice and which will avoid you putting your new park in bankruptcy. All you have to do is launch expeditions with your parks where money is flowing to find DNA fossils that can be sold for thousands of dollars, store those items that you intend to sell and then switch to the island that is on the edge of bankruptcy and thus inflate the bank account of this amusement park. Do you understand the maneuver ?

Tip 4 – Help my dinosaurs break the enclosures in my park… How do I do it ?

If it comes to that, there’s something in the Jurassic World Evolution gameplay you haven’t understood yet and it’s time to fix it. Because having dinosaurs in the wild is the best way to close up shop ! If your dinosaur(s) destroy the enclosure, it is because they are not in their comfort zone. Every time you place a dinosaur in a cage, have the reflex to check these statistics. You see the red areas, this is the limit not to cross otherwise the dinosaur’s comfort gauge will drop and it will start to destroy your enclosure to escape.

There are several statistics to keep at a certain level of balance if you don’t want the creature to panic and try to run away : 

  • Health (good nothing extraordinary, it indicates the points of life of your dino).
  • Food (place food in enclosure depending on type).
  • Water (make sure there is water in the cage).
  • Comfort (if the gauge drops below a certain threshold the animal runs away from the cage).
  • Grassland (make sure you maintain a sufficient level of grassland in the  enclosure).
  • Forest (some dinos like the presence of trees while others do not, gauge based on a creature’s statistics).
  • Population ( if you exceed a threshold of dinos in the same enclosure the gauge will be too high or if on the contrary a dino feels alone it is too low).
  • Social (some dinosaurs like to live with their pack mate, make sure you have enough creatures in the same species in the enclosure to maintain a balance of interaction).

Tip 5 – Improve your buildings and remember to activate them…

It will seem silly, yet doubt is allowed… When you finish the search for an improvement of one of your buildings via the research center, remember to activate the improvement in question on your building / your buildings otherwise it has no effect. Click on one of your buildings and look, there is a list of tabs that you can browse with many improvement slots. 

This is where you can place the benefits of your buildings that will allow you to better manage your parks. Be careful, these improvements will consume more electricity, so consider extending the power grid of your dinosaur parks.

Tip 6 – how to improve a park rating score :

To improve the rating of your park, you will have to satisfy your visitors. There is nothing better than adding shops, transport, hotels, restaurants and refreshment points. Be sure to set up a real shopping mall with good enough visibility on your dinosaurs. These are all criteria that are taken into account in your rating with the goal of achieving 5 stars in each park you manage. The more visitors you have in a park and the more your score increases, customers will expect good food, refreshments, entertainment, souvenirs and transportation, because they don’t like walking.

But your score is not only calculated through your park facilities, visitors will also judge the variety of dinosaurs you offer for authenticity and genome modifications you have made. These are criteria to take into account to increase the score of your parks and attention to welfare penalties nobody likes creatures badly treated by staff and of course do not put 200 times the same species in a enclosure otherwise you will just earn variety penalty points that will lower your overall score.

Tip 7 – Open the map to quickly determine your park’s needs :

The more you advance in the game, the more pressing the need for your parks will become. A sick dinosaur, an empty feeder, a fight that breaks out, a destroyed fence or a power outage, you’ll have a lot to do to maintain a good balance in your parks. For this, the Frontier Development teams had the good idea to add a « map » function that allows to see in an instant the problems of a park. 

Press the « triangle » button if you are on PS4, the « Y » button if you are on Xbox One or « , (comma) » if you are on PC to activate this very practical Jurassic World Evolution function. The camera will be placed all over your park, the screen will turn blue and all park problems will be in red. You only have to send the corresponding teams to solve the problems detected.


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