How to play Apex Legends on Android mobiles with Parsec without APK download


Since the launch of Apex Legends on PCs and consoles, many players have been wondering whether the Respawn and EA teams will offer mobile version as the competition does. In the absence of a clear answer for the moment, an alternative is available to Android users. We offer you a short guide below that will allow you to play Apex Legends from your mobile or tablet using third-party software.

→ Before you start :

Parsec is a software that allows you to connect remotely to a computer. To use Parsec in good conditions, you will need a stable and fast connection beforehand. 

It is of course strongly discouraged to use it with your mobile data, because the bandwidth consumption is quite high. However, you can afford it if you have an unlimited plan and a good 4G connection. 

→ The prerequisites :

  • A good internet connection (highly recommended)
  • A PC (preferably with Windows 10)
  • The Apex Legends game on PC
  • Parsec PC software (you can download here)
  • The Parsec application on your tablet or smartphone
  • A controller

Did Apex Legends come out on a mobile phone ? 

Before you want to play Apex Legends on your mobile or tablet, you should know that the game has absolutely not been released on your mobile. Most people who will read this guide will probably be aware of this fact, but some of you may not be aware of it. 

It is possible that these misinformed people may try to launch Apex Legends via a malware-ridden mis-application, so we will discuss this in detail later in this article due to the importance of what it implies.

How to install Apex Legends on your smartphone or tablet ? 

Start by running Parsec on your PC as host (create an account if you haven’t already done so). We assume that you have made sure that you have authorized the installation of the driver used to use controllers via other machines. 

Once the software is launched, simply click on « Enable Hosting » to allow the software to stream your PC to anyone who wants to connect to it (with your permission, of course).

Now take your tablet or smartphone and connect to the Parsec application on your mobile phone. Once this is done, you should now see the name of your PC appear, press « Play » to connect with your mobile.

The screen of your computer should normally appear on your mobile, you can now launch Apex Legends on your PC and play remotely using, for example, a PlayStation 4 controller on your mobile.

Let us return to the dangers we mentioned earlier. Many Android (or APK) applications existing under the name of Apex Legends are running on the Internet. It should be noted that these are malware, because there is NO version of Apex Legends on mobile phones to date. Don’t be fooled! 

→ A quick reminder about malware :

Malware is nothing more or less than malicious software, a program developed to harm your machine’s system. Malware can, among other things, steal your personal information (contacts, SMS, images, videos, geolocation, etc.) in order to allow malware developers to use it against your will, sell it or blackmail you for a certain amount of money.

  • Is it possible to download an APK file?
  • How to recognize a malicious application?

To find out if an APK is safe, we advise you to check on the awning of your device that the application exists. Indeed, some sites will offer you to download APKs that look correct on the surface, so it is up to you to be very careful where you download your applications. 

In addition, these sites may offer you an application that works perfectly, but is full of malware without you noticing it at first. 

Be careful to compare the names of the developers and editors of the application in question, otherwise it is highly likely that a modification has been made if the names do not match.

That’s all for this little reminder about malware, hoping you’ll enjoy playing Apex Legends on your mobile with this little guide!


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