Fortnite season 9 where is located the Fortbyte chip number 13


Among the new features of Fortnite’s season 9, there is a special challenge that requires players to find and collect no less than 100 Fortbytes (chips computer). This challenge, which will last throughout the ninth season, will lead players to obtain a mystery image that could lead them to the ultimate secret of the current season.

If you are looking for get the chip number 13, you are very welcome since that is the purpose of this article, to allow you to easily locate its position. If you look at your Fortbytes challenges, you will notice the expression « Found at a location hidden in within loading screen number 2 » suggesting that you must have seen loading screen number two to find the chip. 

In fact, you don’t even need to see this loading screen! You can already collect the Fortbyte chip number 13 if you know its exact location… And it falls well because we have added a marker on the map that is made available to you below in the article.

☆ Note – remember that we have set up a page where you can find the full list of challenges and puzzles that will allow you to obtain the 100 Fortbytes chips for season 9. Feel free to consult this list often enough, as we will update it as we go along. You can take a look at the list of chips here : Guide Fortnite season 9 how to unlock all Fortbytes.

Fortnite map with the exact location of the Fortbyte chip computer number 13 :

You can pick it up in the desert area near Paradise Palms (at the bottom right of the Map !). Not far from the dinosaurs, you can locate a small isolated wooden cabin (see marker on the map). If you walk around this house, you will find a toilet. All you have to do is destroy the structure with your pickaxe and the Fortbyte number 13, which normally says « Found at a location hidden in within loading screen number 2 », will appear before your eyes.

All you have to do is pick up the little computer chip and open a new cell of your « Fortbytes » challenge that will allow you to see an additional piece of the mystery image. Note that the area is at the arrow head on our image and not in the circle (in case, it is good to specify it!).



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