How to get guide feathers in Pokémon Rumble Rush


Guide feathers are very important in Pokémon Rumble Rumble Rush. They allow you to explore new areas and capture new types of Pokemon. Without guide feathers, you will only be able to visit the last three areas you have already explored. If you want to visit new places in the different islands of Pokémon Rumble Rumble Rush you should know what methods will allow you to get more and more guides feathers.

Every time you explore a new place, you must use one of your feathers. So how can you get more feathers? Here’s how you can get new stock in Pokémon Rumble Rumble Rush.

What are the methods for obtaining exploration feathers in Pokémon Rumble Rumble Rush?

  • Defeat the super bosses guarantees you a feather of exploration.
  • Defeating normal bosses in exploration also allows you to get them, but the chance factor will determine whether you win or not… Persevere!

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