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A playable demo for the remake of Final Fantasy 7 soon available on the Playstation Store ?


This is certainly indicated by recent rumours that have been reported by many people on the web. A playable demo of the highly awaited remake of Final Fantasy 7 should appear on Sony’s PlayStation Store in just a few weeks, even a few days depending on when you see this article.

To be exact, Square-Enix teams should upload a playable demo of Final Fantasy 7 « the remake » just after revealing a new trailer of the game at the E3 2019 and will be offered to players for download under certain conditions.

A playable demo of the remake of Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers :

A playable demo for Final Fantasy VII will be available at the « E3 2019 » show, as well as for PS4 users who subscribe to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service according to a Square-Enix locations employee. The original post has since been removed (it had been put online on Reddit’s networks), but quite a few worlds give it credibility. This leaves a hope for fans to finally discover what the remake of Final Fantasy 7 will really look like controller in hand, apart from having already had a preview of its visual aspect.

People on site at « E3 2019 » and PlayStation Plus subscribers should therefore be able to enjoy the playable demo of Final Fantasy VII during the month of June. Unfortunately, if you’re not on site at E3 and you don’t subscribe to PlayStation Plus, it seems you’ll have to wait to try the Final Fantasy VII demo and even worse if you’re only playing on PC, Xbox One or even Nintendo Switch, because it still remains to be determined whether the FF7 remake will be a PS4 exclusive or not.


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