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Death Stranding what is the release date of Hideo Kojima’s new game


It is still waiting, we are obviously talking about Hideo Kojima’s new project which is still surrounded by mystery, the game Death Stranding. After serving Metal Gear to players for many years, this great name in the video game industry is about to publish its new franchise. For the latecomers, Konami and Kojima are no longer crazy lovers, which means that the « Kojima Productions » studio has regained its independence, from which Sony has secured a « partnership » to obtain Death Stranding’s exclusive rights to PlayStation 4.

If the release date remains unknown until now, things have suddenly grown with a communication that seems to be accelerating more than ever. And what interests us today (and certainly interests you) is to know the final release date of Death Stranding on PlayStation 4, which is great, because that’s the information we’re sharing with you today!

When does Death Stranding on PS4 come out?

It just happened, Death Stranding will be officially available on November 8, 2019. Players will finally be able to discover Hideo Kojima’s after Metal Gear with this new franchise, which will be exclusive to the Sony console. The game is already in pre-order. Only a few more months (weeks depending on when you read this article) before you can get your hands on this famous Death Stranding. Unless we attend a last minute postponement in which case we will inform you as soon as possible!


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