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Yakuza 6 what is the password / safe code on the roof of New Serena


If you go to the roof of New Serena in Kamurocho in Yakuza 6 The Song of Life, you will find a safe closed by a password. If you are looking for this code, know that you will not find it directly in the game ! Fortunately, we invite you to discover on this page the famous password that will allow you to open the treasure chest of New Serena de Yakuza 6. 

For the short story, there are two codes, one for the Japanese version and another for the European / US version. If you try to enter the Japanese version password on the European / USA version of the game, it will not work. You will find the codes of both versions on our page. The code of the western version of New Serena could be discovered by assembling the two pieces of code from chapters 9 and 10 of Yakuza’s interactive comic strip.

How to open the safe on the roof of New Serena in Yakuza 6 :

To open the safe, you must enter the following code : KP56VFA9MX2B7LH (European / US version of the game)

If you have the Japanese version of Yakuza 6, you must enter this password : L84T2B2SHF5E5YI (Japanese version only)

Whatever the game version, you’ll get a Rainbow Bun, 500 experience points for all character skills categories and 1 million Yens. For those who don’t know where to find this famous safe which requires a code, you just have to go to the same place indicated by our screenshots below.


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