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Guide Sea of Thieves location of chickens, pigs and snakes where to find all creatures / animals


In Sea of Thieves you can find many specimens of animals, like chickens, pigs or snakes. These three categories of animals are divided into many other types, so you can find white chickens, red, black, etc. And that goes for the other animals, it has pink pigs brown, red or black snakes.

We talk to you about animals, because when you navigate in Sea of Thieves it will not be rare for you to make a stop over on a number of islands of the game to deliver some orders made by the alliance of merchants. The alliance will quite often ask you to make deliveries and among these deliveries there are animals.

It is therefore better for you to know where you are likely to find animals in Sea of Thieves. Note that the location of animals varies and they are generated randomly, but each species appears in predefined islands.

Where to find chickens in Sea of Thieves :

You will be able to find several kinds of chickens, there are white chickens, red, black or golden chickens. Gold chicken is worth its weight in gold pieces, you can collect no less than 1600 gold pieces if you find one. Here are the locations where you can capture chickens in Sea of Thieves.

  • On Barnacle Cay Island
  • In Cannon Cove
  • On Chicken Isle (duh)
  • At Crook’s Hollow
  • On Marauder’s Arch Island
  • In Old Faithful Isle
  • In Shipwreck Bay
  • At Thieve’s Haven
  • At the Twin Groves
  • At Wanderer’s Refuge
  • On Salty Sands Island

Where to find pigs in Sea of Thieves :

To capture pigs in Sea of Thieves, you will first need a pig cage. These animals are easy to find and rather common… You have to pay attention to several things with them, they can drown and they need to eat ! When a pig starts complaining in his cage, think about giving him bananas or he will die. You will find pigs of all kinds by going to these places.

  • At Blind Man’s Lagoon
  • At Cannon Cove
  • On Devil’s Ridge
  • At Kraken’s Fal
  • In Lone Cove
  • In Old Faithful Isle
  • At Paradise Spring
  • On Rumrunner Isle
  • At Sea Dog’s Rest
  • At Shipwreck Bay
  • At Sunken Grove
  • At Thieve’s Haven

Where to find snakes in Sea of Thieves :

To get snakes in Sea of Thieves you will need a trap. In addition, you will have to pay attention, it is agressive and can inflict you poison. You will find many snakes (brown, red and black) in the following areas of Sea of Thieves.

  • At Crooked Masts
  • At Devil’s Ridge
  • At Lone Cove
  • At Marauder’s Arch
  • At the Picaroon Palms
  • On Sunken Grove

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