Guide Fortnite Challenge Week 5 How to Visit different gas stations in a single match


If you have Fortnite’s season 3 battle pass, new challenges have appeared today for week 5. One of the challenges this week invite players to visit three gas stations in a single match.

If you are having trouble fulfilling the goal of this quest without dying, you will find here a little tip that will allow you to easily visit three gas stations in one match. Remember to enter the stations when you visit one if you want the challenge are validated otherwise you will have to start again.

Fortnite challenge week 5 how to visit different gas stations in a single match :

The trick is simply, you just have to find the best way between three stations close together. And that’s good we have what you need ! One station in Pleasant Park, another a little further south from the town of Pleasant Park and a gas station a little further south on a football field. It’s the best way to visit three stations without getting killed on every street corner.

Look at the three places to visit on the map below, remember to visit Pleasant Park station first and head south for the others without wasting time on the way to avoid a bad encounter !



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