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Fortnite challenge week 6 season 7 where to find the Chilly Gnomes


This week, all Fortnite Battle Royale players must go looking for Chilly Gnomes to progress a little further in the battle pass tiers. If we have already seen similar challenges in previous seasons of the game, be aware that this time the Chilly Gnomes are surrounded by a large block of ice. This means that to find them you will have to search essentially in the new snow-covered area of season 7 (at the bottom left of the map).

Next, we have listed some of the places where you can find these famous Chilly Gnomes as well as a map with most of the known locations to date. Note that you only need to find 7 to validate the challenge. You are not required to get them in one match, but it is advisable to finish your matches to validate the challenge.

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List of locations where to find Chilly Gnomes in Fortnite :

To find out if you’re close to an Chilly Gnomes, listen for the shivering sound they produce. We propose below 7 locations where you can find these famous Chilly Gnomes, you will find additional locations on the map provided at the end of the article.

→ Location 1 : Open your map and go to box B7, at the left end of the space. There is a series of trees in this place, the Chilly Gnomes is simply between these trees.

→ Location 2 : Open your map and place a marker in B6, the frozen dwarf is in the Viking village. On the rocks surrounding the village.

→ Location 3 : Open your map, in box B9, you will find a small cave in the snow with a small house. There is an Chilly Gnomes inside this cave.

→ Location 4 : Open your map and go to box C8, to the right of this section. Just at the foot of Polar Peak there is a series of shelters, you will find the frozen dwarf very close to this place.

→ Location 5 : Open your map and place a marker in space E10, the Chilly Gnomes is on the edge of the cliff.

→ Location 6 : In place D6, on the mountain below Tilted Towers, you will find another dwarf very close to a motor home.

→ Location 7 : In square F10 near Lucky Landing, you can find your 7th and last Chilly Gnomes. You will then be able to validate this challenge.

Map of Fortnite season 7 with location of all Chilly Gnomes (week 6 challenge) :



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