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Fortnite basketball court locations (shooting hoops basketball challenge week 2)


For the second week of Fortnite’s season 5 battle pass challenges, players must find basketball courts and shooting hoops on them. However, there is a subtlety to this challenge, and if you don’t pay attention to the possibilities offered by the Fortnite gameplay you might well have difficulties to succeed in this challenge. 

Indeed ! it will be necessary to have first reached the tier 11 of the battle pass to unlock the emote of the basketball toy which thus makes it possible to play with a ball directly in a game of Battle Royale.

How to use basketball toy on Fortnite basketball courts :

Once the basketball Toy is unlocked and added to your emote list, simply use the « B » key on your keyboard if you are a PC player or by pressing the directional buttons if you are a console player when facing a basketball basket to put the ball in different baskets. 

When throwing, try to stand halfway across the field and aim at the edge of the basket when shooting. After a few practice throws, you should be able to make your 5 hoops.

→ Location of Fortnite basketball courts / hoop (challenge season 5 week 2) :

We have listed below the locations of all the courts where you can put a basketball in different hoops. There are about 9 places where you can do it on Fortnite’s new map. It will be enough to score 5 hoops to validate the challenge of this second week.

  • You will find a first basketball court on the edge of Greasy Grove just across the street from the Durrr Burger.
  • A basketball court is located above the roof of a house in Tilted Towers.
  • There’s a basket behind one of Snobby Shores’ houses.
  • West of Tilted Towers you can find a covered football field (indoor stadium), there is also a basketball court.
  • In the mountains of Fatal Fields, you will find a basketball basket isolated from the rest.
  • In the small town of Retail Row, you will find a lot with two baskets.
  • In the new area of Paradise Palm, another basket awaits you.
  • At Junk Junction where the cars are stacked, you will find a makeshift field with a basketball basket.

Basketball courts map (challenge to put a basketball in different baskets) :

We have placed on the map below all the places where you can find sneaker fields. You just have to go on the spot to try to score a basket… Even several by playing only one match if you are the Skilled type and that you are not annoyed by the other players of the game !



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