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Call of Duty WW2 Explain of the Leprechaun Hunt Mosh Pit mode and how kill the leprechaun easy


With the new Call of Duty WW2 update, Sledgehammer Games teams have added new content for the multiplayer. For example, players can enjoy a brand new game mode in relation to the all-green theme of the Shamrock and Awe operation.

This mode is called Leprechaun Hunt Mosh Pit and and it is available in the « featured » in the search for public games. The Leprechaun Hunt Mosh Pit mode is special, by playing in this playlist there is a strong chance that you will cross the road of a little leprechaun. If you don’t really understand what this little green leprechaun is doing right on the battlefield, that’s exactly what this article is about. We will explain in detail the importance of the Leprechaun Hunt mode, and how to easily capture and kill a leprechaun !

You can consult all the new features of CoD WW2 version 1.11 at any time and discover the contents of the Shamrock and Awe operation by consulting our article at this address :

CoD WW2 multiplayer mode Leprechaun Hunt Mosh Pit how to catch and kill the green leprechaun :

First thing to know is that when you start the « Leprechaun Hunt » playlist, you’ll play Domination, Team Death Match or Confirmed Eliminations. This mode has the same principle as the other classic modes and the two opposing teams must first of all play the objective to reach the score limit in order to win the game. See the story of the leprechaun to find and kill like a big bonus that can change the result of a game !

The first thing to do when you play Leprechaun Hunt is to pay close attention to the visual indicators on your screen. When the leprechaun appears or disappears on a map, a message appears.

→ Depending on the situation, you will see one of these two messages :

  • A mysterious creature has appeared…
  • The creature disappeared…

When you see the creature’s message of appearance, it is that the leprechaun is in the area, focus on the sounds it produces by laughing. If you want an advantage over the others, play with headset to hear better from where his laughing come from. Once located, empty your ammo on it without putting bullets next to it to defeat it. If you succeed in killing the leprechaun before the others, you will instantly unlock all your skillstreaks / scorestreaks ! This will allow you to attack your enemies with all your firepower.

In fact, it is highly recommended to play in the Leprechaun Hunt mode with the best skillstreaks / scorestreaks equipments in order not to give the opposing team any chance when you succeed in killing a Leprechaun in a game.

Note that after you have sent all your skillstreaks / scorestreaks on your opponents, you can unlock them again in the same game by hunting the Leprechaun again. Also, when you see the message that the creature has disappeared, it means that the leprechaun was killed by another player.

→ Little trick :

If you use the paratroopers skillstreaks / scorestreaks bonus, they can kill the leprechaun for you if it is in their field of vision. This can give you a whole skillstreaks / scorestreaks thanks to the AI of the game. Note that it will take a good deal of luck for this to happen, but nothing is impossible !


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