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Guide Fortnite challenge of week 7 where all the expedition outposts are located (list for season 7)


For the 7th week of the Fortnite Challenges (season 7), players must visit no less than 7 expedition outposts. You know those famous red buildings scattered all over MAP where the X-4 Stormwings planes are often found.

To obtain new battle stars and additional experience points, it will therefore be necessary to visit seven of them in one match or by accumulating several matches. You don’t even need to enter the building for it to be counted as validated. All you have to do is stand close enough to the building in question for it to be counted. 

Note that you can board an X-4 Stormwings plane to fly over the map and quickly validate the challenge. All you have to do is be close enough to an expedition outpost and fly it low to get it counted.. You can consult all the locations on the game map available at the end of the article.


List and locations of Fortnite expedition outposts for season 7 :

Below, you will find precise indications on the places to visit in the game to validate the red outpost challenge.

→ Open your map, in D-3, on the mountain just above Pleasant Park, you will find a first expedition outpost.

→ In B/C 5 on the line of these two boxes there is a expedition outpost. It’s between the two mountains just up on the right of Snobby Shores.

→ In F3, at the bottom right of this place and south of Lazy Links, you will find your third expedition outpost for this week 7 challenge.

→ In F5/6 on the line of these two boxes, you will find another red building. It’s on the little mountain between Tilted Towers and Dusty Divot.

→ In D8, north of Happy Hamlet, you can visit another expedition outpost.

→ In I5, on the mountain to the left of Lonely Lodge, you can visit the next red building.

→ And finally, in H8 to the left of Paradise Palms on the edge of the desert area, you can visit your 7th and last expedition outpost. This will validate the challenge and allow you to get 5 additional battle stars.

Map with all the locations of Fortnite’s expedition outposts challenge week 7 :

If you have trouble locating all the expedition outposts, refer to the game map provided below to easily locate them.



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