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Guide Fortnite how to get / unlock the hoverboard


Recent Fortnite updates have allowed developers to add a hoverboard to the game ! If you don’t know how to get it, we’ll tell you how to unlock the hoverboard.

But before we start, it is good to point out that the hoverboard has above all a « tool » item. At best, it will allow you to move faster in the game zones without depleting stamina or it can also allow you to race with your friends in Fortnite. To activate the hoverboard, you must press the button to open the construct system for 2-4 seconds. This feature may improve over time, but for now, it’s the only way to deploy the hoverboard when you get it. Moreover, note that your hoverboard will have only one PV and will disappear at the first damage and fall. However, you can deploy the hoverboard as many times as you want even when it is destroyed.

Finally, note that the hoverboard is an item to unlock in Fortnite’s « save the world » mode (the story mode), so don’t expect to unlock it in the battle royale mode.

How to find and unlock the hoverboard in Fortnite :

To unlock the hoverboard, you must first finish the 5th defense of the Stonewood storm shield of the Fortnite « save the world » mode.

After that, you’ll have access to a new tutorial quest called « Want to Build a hoverboard ? »

Description of the quest :

I just realized you don’t have a hoverboard ! Let’s fix that. Destroy Hot Rods to collect everything we’ll need to build a Hoverboard.

As the quest description indicates, you will have to search for Hot Rods (the old sports cars !) in level 9 or higher on cityareas. Collect 10 materials from Hot Rods and you’ll get your hoverboard.


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